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3rd cup has been a personal mission of mine for a while.  I noticed since the proliferation of coffee shops and also what were then popular cafes combined with bookstores, there was a special connection in having a venue where people could go and engage in a conversation with a person you may have never met before.  


In this space, I visualize a person going up to an individual who may be sitting alone at a table and ask them to share.  Also people would invite one another to join in the conversation.  In this venue there would be a discussion on a particualar subject, book, thought or current event where anyone could join in and share their viewpoints without judgement.


Nestled within this vision, is a mission of providing the opportunity for people to visit and share with each other what truly is of interest and concern to them at that time.  Connection with the heart and soul through the allowing of relaxing defenses of self and show vulnerability to one another without fear of consequences, ridicule, or judgement.


According to biblical accounts, the 3rd Cup was the last cup served, signifying redemption.  The 4th cup is you...me.  We, each of us vessels which are emptied and filled through heart-felt expression, experienced inspiration, and enrichment by our gift our shared self.  The 4th cup is the dimension of possibility that is created at each given moment of our lives.  The 4th cup is the unlimited potential not yet expressed, always inspiring, based in the universal certain truth, grace, love.


Here at EBBE's 3rd Cup, the 4th cup, YOU, is always the most important one.

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